What Causes Hair Loss In Women

What Causes Hair Loss In Women?

You're never alone if you experience hair loss, as it is normal in women. However, it is the cause of hair loss that scares us often. Younger individuals experience hair loss in a different way than older individuals. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what causes hair loss in women despite their age.

cause of hair loss in women

An average person loses a specific volume of hair each day. Up to 100 hair can fall out daily on normal. If someone realizes they are losing more hair than average, they should start developing a healthy hair care routine to get rid of the stress that adds up to more hair loss.

How Often Do Women Lose Hair?

First of all, sudden severe hair loss affects women. With aging, female hair loss is becoming more prominent. They often lose 50 to 100 individual hairs per day. However, according to studies, only 12% of the total women between the ages of 20 and 29 suffer hair loss.

For instance, there is a greater chance that 60% of women who are above 80 will have some natural hair loss.

Which women are more likely to lose their hair?

Hair loss can happen to every girl or woman. However, it tends to be more prevalent in:

  • Above the age of 40
  • Women in menopause
  • Cancer survivors
  • Pregnant women
  • Women who usually sport high ponytails or use curler/straightener daily.

Signs Of Hair Loss in Women:

The most common signs of why women lose their hair are: 

  • When they notice the presence of hair strands daily on a comb, the carpet, the bath, the towels, or even the sink.
  • A clear indication of thinning spots increases slightly, such as a section on the top of the head.
  • Notice the skin on the scalp that reveals less hair volume when making a hairstyle.

What Can Cause Hair Loss in Women?

Few women anticipate hair loss to begin in their 20s or 30s. The major culprits of hair loss in a young girl are stress, diet, and hormone changes:

Let's help you learn how they cause hair loss and its effect. But most importantly, how can you get rid of them?

1.     Anxiety

Women who experience stress are more likely to experience hair problems. For example, sudden hair loss might occur when you're going through a breakdown, financial difficulties, the loss of a house, or the passing of a loved one. However, natural hair growth seems to be under control.

 Each hair follicle cycle between the growing and resting states is forced out of the growing phase and into a resting state by a stressed body, resulting in hair loss. So, you start losing your hair around three months after a stressful period.

The following factors can lead to hair loss: illness, cancer, pregnancy and childbirth, relationship breakdown, medication change, joblessness, and severe low weight.

2.     Diet

The hair is the initial stage of falling out during anxiety or low food intake. The capacity of the hair to regrow may affect when you have proteins or vitamin deficiencies due to extreme dieting. Dieting can also change the appearance of the hair, causing it to become thinner, duller, and more brittle.

Take as many fruits and veggies as you wish. Avoid major fat, sugar, oil, and alcohol, and go for whole grains instead of white refined carbs. Therefore, drink water regularly. More hair loss may happen from having certain nutrients in excess.

3.     Pregnancy

Post-partum mothers usually experience hair loss since hormonal changes take some time to be back to normal after birth. It commonly occurs three months after the kid is born. After that, your hair will return, as the hair loss is merely momentary.

Also, Alopecia areata is a disorder that typically manifests as balding in rounded areas. Rarely may a person lose all of the hair on their body or head.

4.     Unusual Hair Care

Women and young girls will cause damage and harm to their hair when attempting to style it, which could lead to hair loss. Pushing on hair, either from blow-drying it or a too-tight bun, pulling on the hair contribute to hair loss. Other factors include shampooing or blow-drying and constantly using overheated styling products.

In addition, Chemical treatments for hairstyles can damage the scalp and hasten hair loss. The hair may be pulled or broken. Frequently, you'll begin to experience scalp pain immediately away.

5.     A physical injury

While your body is experiencing serious physical stress, which causes hair loss, having a serious accident, having surgery, getting burns, or becoming severely ill can all jolt the hair cells, which can cause up to 75% of the hair to lose out.

6.     Diseases

A variety of disorders and viruses can cause hair loss. In addition, hair loss may carry on by bacterial illnesses, fungal skin problems, or diseases that raise a mild fever. However, hair loss can stop right away by addressing the primary issue. Therefore, your initial action should be to see a doctor about the major problem.

To sum up, it's extremely distressing to lose your hair quickly. Telogen effluvium, which results in hair falling out in clumps, is one of the likely reasons for unexpected, rapid hair loss. Moreover, once your body heals, the hair grows back.

7.     Hormone imbalances and changes

Hormones regulate the body's function, and changes in hormones can impact hair growth. Using the proper medication to treat either of these thyroid issues can stop hair loss by hormones. Hair thinning occurs when estrogen levels fall. Women who have medical disorders that lead to hormonal imbalances are also more likely to have hair loss. Examples include PCOS and hypothyroidism.

If you experience heavy periods, trouble maintaining or gaining weight, problems accepting temperature shifts, or hormonal acne with hair loss. Finding and addressing the imbalance is crucial for regrowth if the problem is hormonal.

8.     Immune system disorders

An autoimmune disorder is a less major reason for women's hair loss or hair thinning. Instead, it indicates that the body's immune system responds against hair, which results in hair loss.

Hair loss can cause by medical problems. In addition, hair loss is a common side effect of cancer. However, a year after finishing therapy, most people will regrow their fallen hair, though it's typical for their hair to become grayer or lighter.

9.     Genetics:

Genetics is the leading cause of hair loss in both men and women. Either your mothers may have passed on the hair loss gene to you. Hair loss in women typically begins after the age of 40. Women's hair loss differs slightly from men's in appearance.

The fact that women experience a lower quality of life and much less socializing than males due to hair loss should address. It is best if this is spotted and treated right away.

10.  Hairstyle 

Hair extensions, braids, and high ponytails stress the hair roots as women age. It can cause permanent hair loss by harming hair follicles. Try implementing some of these steps if you daily style your hair:

Removing tight braids from the scalp, switching up the hairstyle, applying a lower blow-dryer, and allowing the hair to rest from the styling are all ways to prevent hair loss. Using the perfect shampoo, such as Infinigrowth hair loss shampoo, can also be beneficial, which adds volume without the need for sulfate-containing chemicals.

Shampoos And Hair Masks to Treat Female Hair Loss:

Finding the cause of hair loss is the beginning step in treating it. Using a Tayloáni product like Infinigrowth Bundle is the best option to take if your hair appears and feels weaker than average. It is the ultimate solution for hair loss!

This hair growth bundle may even strengthen your hair and enhance the condition of your scalp.

Note: Wash as often as you need! Over-washing can weaken hair volume, causing it to be dry and more brittle.

Another incredible solution to stop hair loss and reclaim your lustrous hair is using Infinigrowth Shampoo

It nourishes the hair root cells to create good conditions for hair restoration. The shampoo's formula contains effective, natural chemicals that enhance the thickness and volume of your hair, preventing hair loss.

  • It is best to cleanse your scalp well after using Infinigrowth hair loss shampoo two or three times each week.
  • After shampooing, always apply conditioner to give your hair a shinier appearance.
  • It is best to use the shampoo for two to three minutes before washing to get the best benefits.

Customer Feedback:

A follower wrote: "I've been using the products for almost three months, and I can already tell that my hair is changing. My hair is growing into natural hair and looks shiner and healthier. I'm pleased with how everything has turned out so far. Highly advised."

Women should use hair masks to condition their hair deeply and eliminate the risk of heat damage that promotes hair loss and breaking. In other words, total hair care products like Infinigrowth Hair Mask will benefit in preserving the strength and volume of hair.

It acts as a  protective solution on your hair strands from getting them dry and fragile. The ingredients in the mask make the hair look smoother, less hair loss, a healthier scalp, and thicker hair. In addition, they are advantageous for hair that is curly, short, or damaged.

  • After showering your hair, applying Infinigrowth Hair Mask is crucial since it can increase blood flow towards the hair roots cells.
  • Allowing the mask to stay on the hair for 30 minutes before washing can help remove any excess on the head.
  • A light massage can be relaxing, but avoid scrubbing since this might harm or even tear out newborn hairs.

Customer feedback:

"Product is excellent, and I have used it for a long time. The growth and fullness of my hair have increased drastically. In addition, it effectively removes oil and dirt that clog follicles on the scalp."

hair growth products

How Can Women Prevent Hair From Thinning?

You must understand the cause of your hair loss to stop it. If you notice abrupt hair loss, it's best to consult a dermatologist as quickly as possible. The sooner you identify the underlying problem, the sooner you may begin treatment.

The best way to treat dry, damaged, and broken hair is to get the best results in the shortest amount of time by using products that are devoid of any harmful reaction and are 100% vegan.

Use these suggestions:

  • Avoid wearing your hair in braiding, ponytails, or buns because these styles might strain your hair and harm the follicles.
  • Use curling irons with care and maintain the lowest setting for them.
  • Stop using a chemical in your hair because straightening or bleaching your hair might harm the hair shaft.
  • To help strengthen losing hair, increase your consumption of foods by diet or nutritional supplements.
  • To moisturize the scalp, try using Infinigrowth Hair Mask that stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth.


To conclude, women's hair loss causes to become more popular when they reach their 40s and 50s. Unfortunately, the majority of women inherit this. Additionally, hair loss may worsen as menopause approaches. However, you can take some simple steps to stop further hair loss or breakage. It is curable if your hair loss is brought on by hormones or something else like a diet, anxiety, or loss of weight.

Additionally, avoid adopting hairstyles that put too much strain on your hair or scalp when wearing your hair because these can be highly harmful if worn frequently or for a long time.

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