What Happens When You Stop Using Hair Growth Products

What Happens When You Stop Using Hair Growth Products

Every person is concerned about their appearance in this era of Instagram and social acceptance madness. People want perfect skin, beautiful hair, and branded wearables to impress their followers and maintain their social appearance. However, hair fall is a pressing issue that is a cause of concern for many self-conscious individuals. Brands are aware of it and help cure the causes by promoting hair growth products. Hence there are many hair growth products in the market to play with. So, let’s talk about hair growth products and what happens if we stop using them.

Hair Growth Products:

To understand the withdrawal effect of hair growth products, you need to understand how do they work first. Hair growth products are without a doubt necessary to control severe hair loss issues and cure scalp diseases like alopecia. Your hair's lifecycle is divided into 4 phases: anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. Hair growth products stimulate the anagen phase of your hair's follies growth cycle, enforcing them to grow. A few popular hair growth products in the market include:

●      Minoxidil - Generic name Rogaine:

Minoxidil treats hair fall by partly expanding hair cells and lengthening the initial phase of growth (anagen phase) of the hair.

●      Finasteride - Generic name Propecia:

Finasteride, often known as Propecia, functions by reducing the quantity of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is a hormone in your body that locks protein vitamins and minerals to reach hair cells and cause hair fall.

●      Biotin and zinc:

Biotin and zinc could be extremely beneficial for patients suffering from baldness and alopecia. Iron: If a lack of iron causes hair loss, take supplements to cure the deficiency, and it will aid in regeneration.

●      Collagen:

This protein promotes healthy skin and locks and may aid in cell renewal.

●      Caffeine:

Caffeine can stimulate follicles. Caffeine's key feature is its ability to boost hair development straight from the root in the early stages of hair growth. It works to stop hair loss by blocking the hormone 'DHT,' which causes it.

Importance Of Hair Growth Products:

Hair growth products can be the simplest and non-invasive method to combat hair fall issues. Their importance is not ignorable since hair fall can lead to several issues like loss of self-confidence, lack of self-admiration, and depression. Here are some points that highlight the importance of hair growth products:

  • Applicable products that reduce the chances of toxicities and side effects.
  • Inexpensive.
  • It is proven to increase hair growth and stop hair fall.
  • Using hair growth products is a non-invasive procedure to grow hair and keep your self-confidence intact.
  • These are easily available and simple to use.
What Happens When You Stop Using Hair Growth Products


What Happens If You Stop Using Hair Growth Products:

A shampoo, conditioner, hair masque, or serum can act as a hair growth product to cure baldness. Consistent use is undoubtedly a slow but effective process to promote healthy hair growth. However, an abrupt stop of the use of hair growth products can harm your hair in several ways.

Excessive Hair Fall:

You may have started using any hair growth product after noticing hair fall but stopped using it upon the remarkable results of hair growth. However, hair growth product withdrawal is not that simple. Since these products stimulate the natural hair growth cycle, the abrupt limiting of usage can cause severe hair fall stimulation since the signal of hair growth through the product stop. Therefore, make sure you don’t stop using these products suddenly but do it gradually while reducing the dosage over time.

Baldness Reversal:

Some hair growth products do not act permanently. You can only feel their results while you are using them. Therefore, when you stop their application, your hair growth cycle begins to reverse your cured bald patches. Your baldness curing will stop due to the activation of the exogen phase and the slowing of the anagen phase. So, if you stop them without confirming the results, your bald patches can expand again.

Your Strands May Start looking Dead:

Low blood supply can cause hair fall since it’s the only source of nutrients for our scalp. Some hair growth products like biotin, zinc, and collagen serums improve the scalp's blood supply. The improved blood supply increases nutrient supply and leads to enhanced hair growth. If you stop using these hair growth supplements, your scalp blood supply may decrease, causing nutrient deficiency. As a result, your hair may not get nourishment and start to look mousy and limp and ultimately fall off, causing baldness.

Deficiencies left Incurred:

Even if you know that your hair fall is due to iron, biotin or vitamin deficiencies, hair growth products can't cure them. Yes, hair growth products can help fulfill the need for these nutrients but withdrawing them can trigger the deficiencies again, causing hair fall to resume. You need to consult a dietitian to find the reason behind these deficiencies and medicate yourself to overcome the issue. If you don't do that and only rely on hair growth products to enrich the supply, the withdrawal will result in dreadful hair fall.

Dry Your Scalp:

Hydration is necessary for nourished hair and a healthy scalp. Hair growth products cause hydration of the scalp and moisturize it with good fats to grow healthy hair. If you stop using them, your scalp may turn dry, weakening your roots and causing hair fall. Your natural hydration may slow down since hair growth products are well hydrating. A dry scalp is more prone to root damage, split ends, and hair breakage, Hence, a sudden withdrawal of hair growth products can cause severe damage.

Slow Down Hair Growth:

Hair growth products are agents that externally stimulate your follicles to grow, quickening the hair growth cycle. However, if you stop using them, your natural hair growth cycle will continue, which will not be as fast as product induced. So, the withdrawal of these products can cause irregular and slow hair growth cycles leading to hair thinning. As we know, our hair gets thin when there is uneven fall and growth of hair follicles.

Slow Down Hair Growth

Effect Hair Texture:

Hair growth products are nutrient-rich. They not only stimulate growth but also nourish your hair. So, if you stop using them, your hair texture will turn rough. You won’t be able to style your hair since thin and rough hairs are quite difficult to manage. So if you are planning to stop using your hair growth product, ensure that you add TAYLOÁNI high-end daily hair care products in your everyday life to minimize the withdrawal symptoms.

Tayloáni Hair Care Products That Promote Hair Growth:

Infinigrowth Hair Shampoo:

Many studies have proven sulfate to be the main cause of excessive hair fall since it’s a chemical to create foam in detergents and other cleaning agents. Hair fall can be sulfate-induced rather than deficiencies and a slow growth cycle. So, you can easily withdraw ineffective hair growth products if you are sure your hair fall is not due to a medical condition and switch your regular shampoo with sulfate-free Infinigrowth Hair Shampoo. We have formulated it with natural oils and organic ingredients that keep your hair hydrated and nourished while promoting hair growth.

Infinigrowth Hair Mask:

Unhealthy eating can also pollute your blood supply rather than enrich it with nutrients. Hair masks act as food for our scalps. These tropically applicable hair masks promote hair growth by providing essential nutrients that our blood supply lacks. Infinigrowth Hair Mask is an organic hair mask with easy application and remarkable results. So, withdrawing hair care products won't affect your hair if you keep this mask in your routine hair care.

Infinigrowth Detangler:

Rigorous brushing can be the cause of hair fall. Since you know fallen hair takes years to reach back its length and beauty, make sure you handle your hair with care. So you must use a high-quality hair brush to detangle your hair. Infinigrowth Hair Detangler can be your best pick to softly unlink the rough knots in your hair without breaking them. So, it’s time that you count your hair fall and switch your old comb with the Tayloáni detangler.

Infinigrowth All-in-One Bundle:

Hair growth products are usually expensive compared to hair care products. However, the Infinigrowth All-in-One Bundle offers hair growth shampoo, mask, detangler, and a special Thermo cap at an attractive rate.

Final words:

Hair growth products are essential, and their importance can not be subdued. However, before you start using a hair growth product, ensure to understand the root cause of your hair fall. And once you start using the products, ensure consistency for better results.

Additionally, prompt withdrawal of these products can also cause severe issues. So don’t forget to withdraw them gradually while minimizing their usage with time or replacing it with a mild product. Your scalp and hair stands are sensitive, and they need careful handling. Never use a product blindly unless you are sure of it to avoid unnecessary hair fall and damage.

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