As a women’s advocate, avid traveller and hair enthusiast, Tayloáni channels her hair obsession towards a greater cause by establishing a brand that leads to a head full of confidence. Armed with earnest fervour to empower you, Tayloáni is ready to spill insider secrets to luscious and luxuriant hair.

Tayloáni’s search for a proper cure and solution is inspired by a personal encounter 4 years ago.

Suffering from major hair loss, she dreaded every single morning as she opened her eyes to the sight of fallen hair. Terrified at sight and worried at heart, she splurged over boujee products but came to no avail.

Nothing worth having comes easy, her hair and scalp became a battleground for trial and error with regular visits to the hair salon for extensions. Despite the eerie maze of hair care, millions of treatments and years of research, this beauty buff persisted and braved through all temptations. Her commendable spirit in refusing to surrender led to a silver lining, contributing to the curation of this special gem.

Knowing that the ideal combination and treatment is not available at any counter or stores, she sprung out of her sun lounger and assembled a team of helping hands to make this game-changing treatment accessible.

Joining hands with an amazing team has eased the transition of complicated formulas to market-ready products, especially those who went above and beyond to sacrifice their hair for research.

From now on, a good hair day is every day.

Our Secret

We’ve packed a delightful medley of hair care regime into this baby and behind every splendid bundle is a serious punch of quality, topped with loads of dedication. This assortment of products create the dream team line-up, exuding fine craftsmanship that redefines your hair...

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Regrow and strengthen your hair

We believe that when you can take charge of your hair growth and we stand behind our products.Thats why we offer a 30 day money back Guarantee. Start feeling more confident with longer, fuller, and healthier hair today.

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