What Causes Hair Loss

There’s lots of different types of hair loss from thinning, to total loss of hair or medical conditions such as alopecia. It can be genetic, due to your age, as a result of stress, bad nutrition, experienced after pregnancy - or simply by just over-using your straighteners!

The Hair Growth Cycle

We want our hair to stay in the growth phase for as long as possible and our range of products are all designed with this in mind.

1. Anagen Phase - Growth Phase

2. Catagen Phase - Transitional Phase

3. Telogen Phase - Shedding Phase

4. Exogen Phase - Re-growth Phase

How Does Hairburst Promote Hair Growth?

Our products are formulated with ingredients to keep your hair in the Anagen (the fancy word for growth) phase for longer.

Our supplements contain essential vitamins and minerals that work from the inside out to encourage healthy hair growth from within.

Hair Growth Timeline

2 weeks

Hair begins to feel hydrated and revitalised

Be consistent and take your vitamins daily. Your hair should already be looking shiny and healthier! Incorporate scalp massage into your washing routine as this will help to exfoliate the scalp and stimulate blood flow to the scalp that encourages hair growth.

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1 month

Hair begins to grow faster and hair condition continues to improve

Depending on your concern and your natural hair growth cycle, you should now have staRted to combat any vitamin deficiencies that were disrupting your cycle. You may notice your hair is growing a little faster than before and is overall much healthier.

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2 Months

Hair is growing faster than normal, shedding phase is slowed and hair appears thicker

You are well on your way to healthier, longer hair growth. Try and make some further changes to your hair care routine e.g. cut down on your heat styling to boost your results.

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3 Months

Hair condition is stabilised, and hair continues to grow at optimum rate

By this stage we would expect everyone to notice a change in their hair, whether it looks shinier, you have added length, or your hair loss has reduced. Make sure you incorporate a healthy diet, exercise and optimum sleep to keep your body healthy and stress levels low, as this will really benefit.

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