Best Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

Best Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

No amount of hairstyling can make your hair look good if damaged. Damaged hair doesn't hold curls or any hairstyle, and you are left with bushy, frizzy hair. Moreover, if you don't do something to treat the damaged hair on time, you might soon have to cut the hair.

If you also suffer from damaged hair, you can get a haircut and use hair masks to nourish the hair strands. Hair experts agree that hair masks can be a lifesaver for repairing damaged hair. So, please keep reading to learn about the best hair mask for damaged hair.

What Is a Hair Mask for Damaged Hair?

A hair mask for damaged hair is a nourishing and repairing treatment. These masks have a very thick, butter-like consistency. Hair masks can also be called deep-conditioners as these products condition your hair. These masks are twice more effective as conditioners.

Hair masks for damaged hair are enriched with hair-benefitting ingredients. These masks help heal the damage and ensure the damage does not proceed further and cause more severe problems like follicular damage. Moreover, besides reversing the damage, hair masks also ensure the newly grown hair are healthy.

However, since these masks are enriched with higher concentrations of hair repairing ingredients, these masks take longer to work. You need to leave most hair masks on damaged hair for 30 minutes to a few hours. Some hair masks might take even longer to work, and you might need to leave them on your hair overnight.

Best Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

Why Should I Use a Hair Mask?

Hair that is dry, dull, and uneven will be considered damaged hair. If you have damaged hair, you must use a good-quality hair repair mask timely; otherwise, the damage might become irreversible. And if the damage becomes irreversible, you can only get a haircut to rid yourself of the damaged hair.

Hair masks for damaged hair contain proteins, vitamins, oils, amino acids, etc. These masks help retrieve the keratin (a protein the hair's made up of) in hair. Furthermore, these masks also help maintain the hair's natural ph. by providing amino acids and protein to the damaged shafts.

Another thing to remember is that some hair masks contain ingredients that boost the scalp's overall health. Such masks combat dandruff, strengthen the hair follicles, improve blood flow to the cuticles, and promote hair growth.

You can use homemade or store-bought hair masks, depending on your preference. However, whatever hair mask you use, please ensure the hair mask is beneficial for your hair concerns. Or else you might not benefit much from it.


How to Effectively Apply Hair Care Products?

If you are confused, you can follow the expert-recommended instructions for applying haircare products enlisted below.

How to use an in-shower mask?

  1. First, wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it with lukewarm water.
  2. Now get the hair mask and apply it to the hair.
  3. Leave the mask on your hair for 5-20 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water.
  4. Let your hair air dry, and then style it the way you want.

How to use a pre-shampoo hair mask?

  1. Dampen your hair with water before using the mask.
  2. Apply the hair mask to your fingers and start coating your hair with it.
  3. Next, put your hair in a bun and wear plastic wrap or a shower cap on top.
  4. Let the mask sit on your hair for 30 min to 2 hours, and then wash it with lukewarm water.

Note: Some hair masks are also used as overnight treatments. Such masks contain ingredients that take pretty long to penetrate the hair. So it would be best to leave them in your hair for longer.

How to apply a hair mask to color-treated hair?

It would be best if you were extra careful with color-treated hair. It would be best to consult your hair care professional for guidance about what products to use. Otherwise, the hair color might suffer and fade away.

How Often Should I Use Hair Mask for Damaged Hair?

When using a hair mask, one mistake people often make of misusing the product. It means that people either overuse or underuse the hair mask. Both these scenarios can negatively affect your hair's overall health.

While using a hair mask, you need to consider your hair type. So, here's a guide for hair mask usage for people with different kinds of hair.

  • People with damaged hair: 2-3 times a week
  • People with dry hair: 1-2 times a week
  • People with curly hair: Once a week
  • People with oily hair: Only once a week
  • People with fine hair: Only once a week
  • People with thick hair: 1-2 times a week
  • People with healthy hair: Once a week or two weeks

Can You Leave a Hair Mask on for Too Long?

It would be best if you used hair masks according to the manufacturer's instructions for optimum results. Otherwise, it can lead to unwanted consequences. If you overuse the hair mask, say leave it on your hair for significantly longer than recommended, your hair and scalp might turn excessively oily.

Moreover, an abundance of moisture can cause the hair to become over-conditioned. Over-conditioned hair is highly vulnerable and might break if brushed or even finger-combed. So, it is best not to leave a hair mask on for longer than what is mentioned on the bottle.

What Is Better Hair Mask or Conditioner?

Hair masks and conditioners are equally important, so replacing one product with the other is impossible. Some reasons why you need both products in your life are:

Conditioners are designed for everyday use, so you can use them whenever you shampoo your hair. On the other hand, hair masks for damaged hair contain high concentrations of nourishing ingredients. Because of this, using a hair mask on your hair mask every day can weigh down your hair or make it excessively oily.

Moreover, over-nourishing the hair and scalp can cause the hair follicles to become clogged. If the follicles become clogged, it might result in ingrown hair. In-grown hair can form lumps, boils, and cysts and can be extremely painful. So, it is advised not to swap your conditioner with a hair mask to avoid such a situation.

However, if the hair mask you use is not intense and you think the conditioner doesn't provide your hair with the required amount of moisture, you can use a hair mask daily. But please use the hair mask in adequate amounts, or your hair's health might suffer.

How to buy the Right Hair Mask for Your Hair Type?

Choosing a suitable hair mask for your hair type is incredibly important for your hair. It is because hair masks are designed to cater to different problems. And if you use a hair mask that is not intended to tend to your concerns, your hair won't benefit from it.

So, here's a hair mask choosing guide that will help you choose the right type of hair mask for your hair.

Best Hair Mask for Dry Hair

If you have damaged and frizzy hair that severely lacks moisture, it would be best to go for a 2-in-1, deep-conditioning and repairing hair mask. Dry hair might develop split-ends throughout its length, so choosing a mask with repairing qualities will help solve this issue. And the deep-conditioning aspect will provide your hair with much-needed moisture.

Best Hair Mask for Curly Hair

The most common issue people with curly hair suffer from is frizz. Curly hair has a weaker structure, so it is bound to break easily. So, it is recommended to opt for deep-conditioning masks as they help moisturize the hair externally and internally. On top of this, deep conditioning masks loaded with nourishing oils such as jojoba, coconut, argan oil, etc., will keep the hair strand hydrated for longer.

Best Hair Mask for Fine Hair

Fine hair doesn't need deep-conditioning masks, as using heavy masks for this hair type might make it look greasy. Instead, people with fine hair should wear lightweight masks that repair the hair and are not overly moisturizing. This way, the hair won't weigh down, and the healing properties of the mask will restore the hair.

How to Choose the Best Hair Mask for Damaged Hair?

Damaged hair is a result of several factors combined. These factors include heat styling, exposure to UV rays, unhealthy lifestyle, over-processing, etc. The factors mentioned above suck moisture from the hair, making it dry and undernourished. So, the best hair mask for damaged hair will be a bond repairing and deep-conditioning hair mask.

Bond repairing mask will help reverse the damage, and a deep-conditioning mask will rehydrate the hair cuticle and make it stronger. Furthermore, a hair mask for damaged hair should also contain deep conditioning oils, bananas, eggs, avocadoes, yogurt, etc. As they help repair the damaged strand completely.

Things To Consider When Buying the Best Hair Mask for Damaged Hair?

When buying a hair mask, you should always consider the following things.

Hair concern: Some hair masks are inclined towards frizzy hair, while others might be formulated for promoting hair growth. So, if you are searching for a hair mask for damaged hair, you should inspect the bottle and make sure it treats your hair concerns.

Hair type: One mask doesn't work for all types of hair. So before buying a mask for damaged hair, it is essential to determine whether the mask will work for your hair type. Otherwise, your money might get wasted.

Active ingredients: Active ingredients of a hair mask determine its efficiency. So, it would be best to look for masks with nourishing and repairing active ingredients as these masks will perform the best.

However, if you have low porosity hair, then there may be a downside to a hair mask. Therefore, here is all that you need to know:

How to avoid the downsides of a hair mask?

While damage-repairing hair masks have all the essential ingredients to recover the hair, they might contain protein and oil in abundance, and product buildup might not suit certain hair conditions like low porosity. It turns hair cuticles tight and causes hindrance in the absorption of ingredients and also water.

The downside is the proteins start to build up on the thick hair strands making them more brittle. This damages the hair and causes hair issues.

So, better do a test for low porosity hair and treat it by consulting a hair specialist!


Check out for hair's porosity with this test:

In order to check your hair's porosity, all you need to do is:

  • Pluck a single hair and put it inside a water glass for 2 minutes.
  • A floating hair strand indicates low porosity hair.
  • It shows medium porosity hair if sunk in the middle of the glass.
  • When found lying at the bottom, it reveals high porosity hair.


You can eliminate the hair mask's downsides by not applying it to low porosity hair and by getting a mask with ingredients that match your hair texture. You can also make your homemade mask that suits your damaged hair.


Tayloáni Best Hair Mask for damaged hair - Infinigrowth Hair Mask

But worry not! Tayloáni has got your back. Its team has carefully formulated a hair mask that is approved by the FDA and confirmed to be free from all sorts of cruelty procedures. It is acknowledged on the basis of its key ingredients design that suits all hair types, color-treated and damaged hair.


Hair Mask

The ingredients include:


  • Water
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Biotin
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Arnica Montana
  • Jojoba Oil


It also contains fatty acids, vitamins, copper and zinc, etc.

These ingredients are the reason for providing rich nourishment to the hair. Stimulates keratin growth and is a source of strength for smooth and shiny locks. Enhance blood flow and prevent the damaged hair from falling.


This hair mask product stands out for being a member of the PETA organization and follows people's needs, from being 100% vegan to ensuring a money-back guarantee.


To know more about the product and its benefits, keep on reading!

How to use a Tayloani hair mask?

Using the Infinigrowth masque can do miracles to give you the spa look you desire. It is a perfect formulation of nurturing treatment that you can use in the comfort of your home. So, to get effective results from the hair mask for damaged hair, you need to apply it in a proper way.


Always plan your week before beginning to get pampered with your hair care routine, and start out with the following steps:


  • Begin with oiling of hair overnight as it helps strengthen them.


  • On the very next day, shampoo your hair to get a refreshed scalp with its absorption of formula and rinse it.


  • Use a microfiber/cotton towel to remove excess water. As rubbing the towel would cause frizz and breakage, just do the Pat Pat!


  • Divide your hair into sections, and first, start applying a dollop of the hair mask into the roots and all the way down to the ends of each section.


  • Get the mask evenly distributed through combing of hair with a wide tooth comb.


  • Leave on the hair mask for 10 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. Now, pat dry and style your hair as you like!



Hair mask Benefits for damaged hair:

This reparative hair mask reveals a good amount of hidden benefits for your damaged hair. It has the answers to all your worries_ a solution to help you get luscious hair through its extra moisture and conditioning properties.


Down below is a list of hair mask benefits to help you guide about the advantages that it offers:

  Silky and smooth locks:

The hair mask acts as spackle for the damaged hair strands and turns them into silky smooth hair. When applied on a regular basis, it maintains hair's health and eliminates all the hair problems like excessive oily hair and dandruff. Reduces frizzy hair and fuses the split ends.

  Cover up hair damages:

You can now rejuvenate your damaged hair with extra shine by using a hair mask. It has a conditioning property that adds moisture deep down to the roots of the hair and protects it from all sorts of damage.


So, if you are a person who uses hair tools like straightener and curler that usually causes overheating or opt for chemical treatments, then consider adding a hair mask at the top of your list.


  Helps in re-hydration of hair:

The stubborn frizzy hair can only be managed through the use of hydrating products, including the hair mask. As difficult as it may seem to prevent your bad day hair, the hair mask is a complete formula for perfect nourishment to get robust hair.


No more salon appointments! Get a hair mask and apply its protective layer to reduce frizz.

  Protects color-treated hair:

The dyed hair won't last that shiny look for long and would fade away, giving a dull look. So, get yourself a hair mask to hold on with your favorite color dye. It maintains the same vibrant hair look and shiny locks for a long duration to help you enjoy good hair days.


It strengthens the hair to its core and leaves your scalp healthier. Its ability to get absorbed deeper makes it stand out from the conditioner, thus healing the hair to give that natural shine and hair elasticity.


  A cost-effective way of hair care:

With hair masks at your home, you get a perfect opportunity to skip all time-consuming hair treatments and get instant transformation for the best hairstyles. If you don't want to fall prey to split ends, frizzy hair, hair loss, and many other hair issues, then getting your hair mask is the best possible solution.


It promises to provide bouncy,  flippy, and shiny, nourished hair locks to damaged hair!


Can I use a DIY hair mask for damaged hair?

Yes, you can make your own homemade hair mask with the right ingredients. You may have encountered different DIY hair masks that look easy to work on, but they usually lack in providing the real key ingredient. 


So, if you are looking for an easy and quick way of preparing a hair mask for damage, here is "a bonus point." 


So, what's the wait for?

Do not go for the protein packs as they might contain attractive and healthy ingredients but are not suitable due to their inability to get absorbed by the hair strand. 


So, which is the best protein? Go for Hydrolyzed proteins that are good for penetrating the hair due to their smaller size and rejuvenating the damaged hair.  


You can easily purchase a bottle of hydrolyzed keratin. This DIY mask helps the protein penetrate the hair strands in the best possible way and repairs the damaged hair. 


How to make DIY Hydrolyzed Hair Mask?

As said earlier, it is an easy homemade protein mask. It only requires a few necessary things as follows:


  • Hydrolyzed keratin protein (1-2 tablespoons)
  • One of the best conditioners that you use (1-2 cups)
  • Cup and Shower Cap


How to apply this hair mask?

Take the small bowl and add the two key ingredients; liquid hydrolyzed protein and the conditioner. Mix them well! 


Rinse your hair and remove excess water with a towel. Now start applying the mixture to the damaged hair and all over the hair till the ends.


Wear the shower cap to protect the hair. After an hour, when the mask sits properly, you can wash it out as instructed above in detail and use the following shampoo to rinse off any extra buildup residues. It's better to leave the hair mask for longer, such as overnight, to get more effective results.


As we suggested, use your choice of conditioner so the hair strands would remain unaffected from becoming greasy or stiff. So, you can trust the process of getting your hair done flawlessly with this DIY hair mask.


Your damaged hair needs an extensive hair care regimen. But it can only be possible by opting for the best hair products and treatments that suit your hair texture and type. Also, you must maintain a hair care schedule to get effective results instantly.

Wait for the product's action! Don't rush for a quick one-day result. Just like the harsh treatments have turned that hair into frizzy strands over time, you need to wait for some time to let the hair masks get into work.

Before choosing a hair mask for damaged hair, figure out its cause and condition, and then consider buying a hair mask with suitable ingredients.

This article contains all you need to know about hair masks, so give it a read and buy the best hair mask for damaged hair and its type.

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