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“Top 3” Hair Growth vitamins dermatologist recommended

Beauty gurus, brands and the hair care industry have raved and grew obsession over Jamaican black castor oil in the recent years.

Its positive reviews filled the sky like a unicorn rainbow and it has soared in demand ever since. But, what exactly does this mystery oil do and will it be your beauty remedy?


castor oil hair growth tayloani

Fasten your seat belts and keep your table trays upright because we’re flying to Jamaica. Before the take off, allow TAYLOÁNI to run you through the safety demonstration and flight briefing because your beauty is our priority. Jamaican black castor oil is known for its array of benefits such as treating acne, relieving muscle pain and more importantly, working its magic on all kinds of hair and textures.

Instead of working outside in, it works inside out by treating follicles that will lead to a healthy scalp. Proper usage of this goodness will improve flexibility of your strands and ensure that they stay intact without breaking. Its skyrocketing popularity also came from its ability to provide follicles with nutrients by increasing blood flow to the scalp, and it’s important to note that its crinoline acid indirectly promotes hair growth by locking moisture in ...... yes, the scalp.


hair growth tayloani

All these lectures about scalp and follicle have made it crystal clear that a healthy scalp is rule 101 to long, luscious hair. If you haven’t gotten the memo, Jamaican black castor oil will bridge this gap by granting you the much-needed healthy scalp. Though your hair can’t miraculously grow overnight, your scalp deserves a Queen-like treatment and TAYLOÁNI ’s got this formula to back you up in our Infinigrowth bundle!

Well, Captain TAYLOÁNI is done explaining the safety measures and our air stewardess will now enlighten you with the differences of our in-flight menu. How does Jamaican black castor oil vary from regular castor oil?

Jamaican black castor oil is roasted while normal castor oil is cold-pressed

Both oils share the same origins but vary vastly in their methods of extraction. Jamaican black castor oil is produced through a roasting method whereas regular castor oil incorporates a cold-pressing approach which uses no heat.

Both oils are different in color and smell

The extraction approach of Jamaican black castor oil that includes application of heat makes it darker in shade and stronger in smell, as compared to regular castor oil that is pale yellow with a non-ash scent, all thanks to its cold-pressed method.

Jamaican black castor oil is more alkaline than normal castor oil

The ash present in Jamaican black castor oil, as a result of its unique roasting method contributes to a higher pH value. This simply means Jamaican black castor oil could deliver greater outcomes because alkaline pH level is often associated with opening up follicles.

Finally ladies and gentlemen, we would like to inform you that our lavatory will no longer be accessible as we will touch down shortly and we hope your flight to Jamaica was enjoyable. It’s been quite a journey and although people say one size may not fit all, this one oil (may) fixes it all. Thank you for flying with TAYLOÁNI and see you at the checkout. Don’t forget to load your carts!

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“Top 3” hair growth vitamins dermatologist recommended

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Beauty gurus, brands and the hair care industry have raved and grew obsession over Jamaican black castor oil in the recent years.

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