Award-winning hair care regimen

Award-winning hair care regimen

Walking into an aisle full of hair products, glazing through the overwhelming amount of options in search of a beauty regime seems familiar to many of us.

Beauty enthusiasts spend a fair amount of time and money discovering shampoo, serums, hair masks, oils and treatments. Yet, the attempt to differentiate conditioning and deep conditioning seems like a walk into the woods without a compass. Confusing, clueless and endless. By all means, blame it on their confusingly similar names but TAYLOÁNI got you covered. Here are their differences and read till the end for a little (pretty big) deal! 

Deep conditioners are thicker and come with greater consistency

Deep conditioners are usually found at hair salons, designed to create apparent results with the effective application of heat. It uses heavier and thicker ingredients and is left on your hair anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your preference and product. On the contrary, everyday conditioners (or what we call regular conditioners) have thinner ingredients, making them suitable for everyday use. Yes, the runny ones you use during showers are most probably regular conditioners. And before you even start thinking, note that normal conditioners cannot perform the magic deep conditioners do.

Deep conditioning works above and beyond

Deep conditioning is a routine that treats your hair by adding moisture and protein to the hair follicles. This is vastly different from regular conditioning that is purely made to be surface-level treatments, nourishing only the outer parts of your hair and nowhere further. Deep conditioning extends to the core of your strands, leading to stronger and more noticeable changes. Hence, deep conditioning takes longer each session but is conducted less regularly because the results are long-lasting.

Deep conditioning can be quite exclusive and less accessible

It’s a common phenomenon for people to book appointments in hair salons for deep conditioning treatments since it’s quite a trouble doing it at home, at least not with the help of some extra hands. This makes it less of an option, especially for those with a busy schedule. Meanwhile, regular conditioning is as convenient as it can get because all you’ve gotta do is slab it on for 5 minutes during your shower.

Now that the differences are made crystal clear, it won’t harm to understand what benefits you can expect from deep conditioning treatments. Starting off by keeping hair damage and moisture deficiency off your radar, most people leave the treatment with smoother, softer and silkier hair. This revitalizing treatment treats you to that natural shine and glow that turns heads as you walk by. The hedge of protection it layers over colour treated hair also makes it not-to-be-missed for hair chameleonas. Okay, the list honestly doesn’t end here but we would end up singing a 30 minute long deep conditioning medley if we don’t stop.

How is TAYLOÁNI Deep Conditioning Treatment Different?

Although we sing praises for deep conditioning, we’ve also learned to see its limitations and drawbacks. As noted above, they are only available at hair salons, making it less accessible on top of its rather beefy price tag. It may come off as a surprise but some treatments end up being harmful due to its excessive amount of chemicals.

TAYLOÁNI acknowledges this problem and has packed quality, accessibility and affordability in one product that delivers the best of both worlds. By emitting all forms of chemicals, we let natural ingredients do its thing. Its reasonable price allows you to immerse in salon-quality treatments without breaking the bank, all while you enjoy this bizarre experience in your own cozy home. Sounds cliché but TAYLOÁNI be saving y'all your hair and some cash!

This treatment is now available in the Infinigrowth Bundle and is best complemented by the Infinigrowth Thermocap. The unique microwavable technology in the heating cap opens up hair follicles for effective diffusion of nutrients, making sure your scalp absorbs all the goodness from the treatment. With so much being said, why not give this one-stop kit a shot and let the results speak? We don’t disappoint.

Are you looking for an effective shampoo product to help grow your hair faster and healthier? Consider visiting to learn more.


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Walking into an aisle full of hair products, glazing through the overwhelming amount of options in search of a beauty regime seems familiar to many of us.

Award-winning hair care regimen

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