Non-Surgical treatments for hair Loss

Non-Surgical treatments for hair Loss

Unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyles, aging, and diseases like depression are the daily practices that result in hair loss in most men and women. It has become a common challenge to everyone nowadays. That's why many people opt for surgical hair implants, and little do they know about these expensive treatments that come with certain risks. So, this article will help you discover a great deal of non-surgical treatments for rejuvenation of strong and shiny hair!

After conducting extensive research, we can share with you all the necessary details and help you avoid surgical treatments for alopecia and hair loss. Moreover, PRP therapy, oral drugs, and laser treatments are the few methods to save you from invasive surgical procedures with slow post-surgery recovery.

To your Good luck! Tayloáni-INFINIGROWTH products are specially designed to provide some complimentary essential solutions for your hair care!  

What are the non-surgical hair treatments?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy, drugs, low-level laser hair restoration therapy, topical drugs, stem cells, and nutraceutical supplements are the popular non-surgical treatments for hair restoration. These procedures are the best and FDA-approved hair loss treatments without surgery.

PRP therapy:

It is a non-invasive procedure in which patients' platelets are injected into the dermal layer of the scalp to boost hair growth. It facilitates collagen and growth factors that help your hair. PRP therapy has recently become well known among people since it is an effective method of hair regrowth. This simple method takes around 5 minutes and two to five sittings to promote the hair's growth.

Who can get PRP treatment for hair restoration?

This method is unsuitable for people with dermal skin problems, dead hair follicles, and people in the late stages of hair loss. In addition, it is an expensive procedure that may cost you $300 or 300 pounds. So, go for it only if your hair growth is mild with an early stage of hair loss. 

Low-level laser therapy:

To encourage the formation of epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle, low-intensity light therapy, or LLLT, is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure without surgery. This procedure is considered a safe and effective hair growth treatment for both men and women because of the high success rate of hair growth stimulation.

Who are the best candidates for LLT?

This process is a bit costlier than PRP hair growth therapy. It may cost you a lump sum of 450 pounds or $550. However, low-level laser therapy can be the best solution for you to avoid post-partum and post-menopausal hair loss. Additionally, it is a suitable method to prevent hair loss in patients suffering from disease-induced hair loss.

How does a laser cap help reduce Hair loss?

This FDA-approved laser technology is a light, flexible cap. It provides laser therapy when placed over the scalp while increasing the thickness of hair follicles and the time between growth and shedding. It induces the absorption of red laser light and energy through special cells deep inside your hair follicles to promote cellular repair and hair growth. This result in the reduction of hair thinning while enhancing the quality of new hair growth.

What is Stem cell Therapy?

Stem cell non-surgical hair therapy uses mesenchymal stem cells to prevent excessive hair loss and treat alopecia. Mesenchymal stem cells produced from human umbilical cord blood have drawn strong interest from dermatologists. It is popular because of its capacity to encourage tissue differentiation and repair, replacing aging and damaged hair cells. It also stimulates the production of several growth factors. Though it is an effective method to treat hair fall, it's a new technology and an uncommon procedure. Therefore, you might find it expensive.

Non-surgical Cortisone hair restoration treatment:

Cortisone injections are one of the best non-surgical hair fall solutions as it reduces inflammation of the dermal layer and cures hair problems like alopecia. When you inject cortisone multiple times into your roots, it cures inflammation while promoting the regrowth of dormant hair follicles.

Is Micro-needling a non-surgical hair treatment?

A minimally invasive treatment called micro-needling involves piercing of scalp skin. It induces the wound healing response and eventually boosts the production of platelet-derived and epidermal growth factors causing the stimulation the hair growth. Though It is a painful method, people use it more frequently due to its medical value and effectiveness in promoting quick hair growth.

Are oral supplements and drugs good for preventing hair loss?

FDA-proven Drugs and oral supplements are ideal non-surgical treatments for hair loss. Some clinically-proven hair-stimulating medications and serums like Finasteride are another non-surgical hair restoration alternative. Since the body requires a lot of minerals and vitamins to fight against diseases, your hair does not get the necessary protein, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, dermatologists suggest using supplements with vitamins and minerals to aid hair loss brought on by disease or medicine.

DHT-blocking medication is also a better strategy to stop more hair loss with hair growth promoting supplements in men. The most successful prescription hair loss therapy for men is Propecia because it works to suppress the synthesis of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a contributor to male-pattern hair loss. Therefore, after using Propecia, a DHT blocking medicine, for a year or two, more than 65% of males exhibit significant hair regrowth.

Topical application of drugs:

Some drugs like Rogaine need a topical application to promote hair growth. Hair creams and masks are faster than oral drugs because they directly affect the hair follicles. Since these medications don’t enter your body, there is less risk of side effects. So, it would be better to use topical drugs and creams if you want faster results as it is an effective non-surgical hair restoration treatment.

non-surgical hair treatments

What hair products can aid non-surgical treatment for hair loss?

Tayloàni is a perfect brand that provides the best hair products to aid your non-surgical hair loss treatment. The highly nutritional ingredients and vegan formula stimulate new hair growth while preventing excessive hair loss.

Infinigrowth Hair Masque – best for non-surgical hair restoration:

Besides using topical hair creams and drugs, you must take care of your hair using rich nutritional hair masks. A Tayloáni hair mask can be the best cure to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth. It is rich in organic nutrients, biotin, jojoba oil, Jamaican black seed castor oil, cocoa butter, vitamins, and minerals to nourish your hair. These ingredients are perfect to heal your hair cuticles healthily, making the Tayloáni hair mask the best product to use in combination with non-surgical treatments for hair loss. It also enhances blood flow and prevents hair from falling by providing your scalp with vital nutrients. Additionally, constant use will promote new hair growth.

Infinigrowth Hair Masque

Infinigrowth Hair Shampoo – Best Shampoo to prevent Hair loss:

Shampoos include chemicals and inorganic substances that give a temporary shine to your hair while harming them like a slow poison. To avoid hair fall due to the high sulfate and paraben content of your shampoo, you need to shift to Tayloàni hair shampoo.


It prevents hair fall while maintaining the neutral Ph of your hair and keeping them safe from substances like sulfate and parabens. It includes vitamin E and nourishing oils like baobab oil and beet oil.


These vegan and organic ingredients repair damaged hairs, prevent hair loss, promote new hair growth and give extra strength and thickness to your hair. Therefore, Tayloàni shampoo is the best hair washing liquid to pair with non-surgical hair restoration.

Infinigrowth Thermocap

Topical creams, oils, and hair masks are the best solutions for non-surgical hair restoration. However, they remain ineffective if your hair follicles and doesn't absorb the nutrients and medications effectively.


Tayloàni Thermo cap can solve this problem for you. Its microwavable technology provides minimal heat to your scalp, which results in the opening of pores of the dermal layer. The open pores eventually help in better absorption of nutrients and medications from topical drugs and masks to speed up the healing process of your hair. It also boosts the new hair growth since Products like the Tayloàni hair mask enrich your scalp with vital nutrients and drugs.

Do scalp tension-reducing devices treat hair fall?

Daily use of scalp tension reduction devices prevents hair fall while relaxing your scalp muscles. Stress in the body and mind causes scalp muscles to compress for a long duration, causing scalp tension. It results in swelling of dermal tissues on your head while affecting hair growth. Therefore, daily 10 minutes of use of a scalp tension-reducing device can help relax the scalp muscles while reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth. It operates like a scalp massager. It is the best tool to lessen inflammation and loosen the tight scalp tissues. Though you can also get the results with hair massage, an automated device for reducing scalp tension can save your time and energy. It is an effortless and affordable treatment of hair loss without surgery.

Can a healthy diet prevent hair loss:

While a healthy diet cannot cure every ailment, it may help your body return to its more natural form. Similarly, You can notice favorable improvements in systematic hair growth. Like many other human tissues, the hair follicles in your head need oxygen and nourishment to live. Blood carries them, but stress on the scalp can impede blood circulation, reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the hair follicles. It may slow down your hair growth while stimulating hair fall too. That's why a healthy diet is essential. So make sure you include green vegetables, fruits, meat, and grains in your daily meal to fulfill the deficiencies in the body, which increases metabolism and nutrient supply.


Millions of Americans experience hair loss yearly, which hurts psychological functioning and self-esteem. Therefore, people are interested in non-surgical hair treatment alternatives since they are comparatively less expensive and do not include surgical risks. Though several non-surgical techniques are available now for hair repair and replacement, you need proper consultation from a dermatologist to select one. PRP treatment, micro-needling, cortisone injections, Low-level laser therapy, a good diet, various medications, and vitamins are all better options. But not all of these treatments for hair loss have the same outcomes. Moreover, the optimum course of therapy for you will depend on several unique personal characteristics, so you must consult with your doctor before beginning any new regimen.


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