What Food Causes Hair Loss

What Food Causes Hair Loss?

Everyone loves when their hair is silky, long, and voluminous. However, hair loss is a common cause of worry for many people. Though it has several causes, nutrient deficiencies and some dietary habits are at the top of the list. It is because our food is the main source of nutrients for our body. Our body mirrors what we eat.

If you notice an extraordinary hair fall these days, it's time to check your diet. You need to understand that unbalanced diet can damage your hair and result in baldness if not controlled. Therefore, we are here with an informative blog to explain what foods may cause an excessive loss of your lustrous hair. Read on to learn what foods cause hair loss and why.


What Food Causes Hair Loss


List Of Foods Causing Hair Fall:

Every food we consume contains ratios of vital nutrients like minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbs, and fats. Though we need them for active metabolism, excessive intake can result in problems like hair fall. So, Let’s surf through these foods one by one.

Food With High Sugar Content:

Eating highly refined sugar impacts your hair and body the most. According to nutrition researchers, diets high in simple carbs are the most common cause of hair loss because simple sugar boosts sebum production. Natural sebum secretion from glands helps the hair retain moisture, but too much of it can cause excessive hair loss.

Sugary diets may also cause impaired blood flow. Blood provides nutrients to hair follicles. Thus, low blood supply causes deprivation of hair-nourishing nutrients, causing hair loss. There are also further hair-related issues. The pancreas may secrete more insulin and increase testosterone due to a high sugar level. The blood flow in the hair is badly impacted by these hormonal imbalances, resulting in hair loss.


You must avoid biscuits, confectionaries, sweets, cakes, and other bakery items because they contain high sugar content.

Mercury-Rich fish meat:

Fish proteins are rich in essential nutrients like Omega-3 that facilitate healthy hair growth. However, certain fish have significant levels of mercury. And this is where fish destroys your hair health. Mercury reacts with the various mineral traces in our bodies. The key mineral to be cautious about is zinc. Since mercury and zinc don't get along well, their interaction causes a zinc deficiency. Ultimately deficiency of zinc results in hair thinning and loss because it is vital for hair growth.


Swordfish, tuna, Mackerel, and shark are fish high in mercury.

List Of Foods Causing Hair Fall

Fried And Oily Junk foods:

People love the crispness and greasiness of fried food. However, it's time that you stop loading your body with so much bad fat. While you enjoy the taste and crisp, oily food destroys your health and the silkiness of your hair. It's simple, the more oil you eat, the more your glands will secret sebum. The higher sebum level makes hair greasy, rough, and frizzy, and excessive oil weakens your roots to cause severe hair loss.


Cakes, crackers, French toast, and fries are everyday snacking items causing hair fall.

Uncooked Egg Whites:

Eggs are the main source of protein and biotin. These two elements are necessary for healthy hair. The primary component of the hair protein is keratin, and the basis of hair is biotin. Biotin deficiency can cause hair loss. However, if you eat raw egg whites, your body might not get enough biotin. In addition to biotin, raw egg whites contain an ingredient called avidin that decreases biotin assimilation via the digestive tract. Therefore, substitute cooked eggs in your diet since avidin and biotin are separated during cooking and facilitate gastrointestinal absorption of biotin.

Alcohol Consumption:

High alcohol consumption can be the cause of hair loss. Keratin is a protein that composes most of the hair structure. It provides your hair with structural integrity. Alcohol consumption can cause hair to become weaker and dry because it affects protein biosynthesis. Therefore, it reduces the natural synthesis of keratin, which helps in new hair growth and strengthening.

Additionally, excessive alcohol use can harm follicles and kill them by causing nutritional imbalance. It lowers your body's zinc levels, yet another issue. Zinc is a rather significant element when it pertains to development and hair volume. However, its deficiency can cause severe hair loss.

Carbonated Diet Drinks:

Diet drinks include aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener. Several types of research have proven it can harm hair follicles like every other unnatural product. Therefore, we recommend avoiding diet drinks if you've recently lost hair. Additionally, check the container foods ingredient list to avoid aspartame-containing canned foods.

Refined Sugar:

Refined sugar is an obvious culprit when discussing foods that promote hair loss. Refined sugar is detrimental not only to your skin but also to your lovely hair. It interferes with blood circulation and keeps nutrients from getting to the hair cells and scalp. Additionally, repeated or heavy consumption of processed sugar might result in an itchy scalp and hair fall.


Consuming Nuts Despite Being Allergic:

You might be puzzled how consuming nuts high in protein and good fats can harm your hair. Additionally, certain nuts are a rich source of minerals, including selenium, biotin, and zinc, each of which is essential for having shiny hair. Contrastingly nuts are not hair friendly for those who are allergic to them. Severe allergic reactions can cause excessive hair loss due to inflammatory reactions causing bald patches. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid foods that cause allergies.

Most nuts also constitute selenium, which is necessary for tiny amounts but can contribute to hair loss if ingested in substantial concentrations. The Brazil nut is one of the hair-loss-inducing nuts since it contains a lot of selenium. So, it would be best if you skipped eating brazil nuts.

Foods with a High Glycemic Index:

A high Glycemic diet raises insulin levels in our body, causing several adverse reactions, including hair fall. High-GI meals include refined wheat, loaves of bread, and sugar (yes, once more!). These meals have the potential to produce hormonal changes, a rise in insulin, and an increase in androgens, that adhere to hair follicles and induce hair loss.


Hair Care Products to Control Diet-induced Hair fall:


Eating habits can be a major cause of hair loss because our food is the fuel for our body. Food is the major source of nutrient ingestion for body growth, cell repair, functioning, and metabolism. Since our hair gets what we eat, we must control our eating habits.

Well, avoiding food items is not the only solution for avoiding food-induced hair fall. Some high-quality hair care products can provide nutrients to our hair follicles, hydrate them, and maintain the sebum level to avoid hair loss and promote growth.

So, here we are to introduce you to “Tayloàni,” an amazing range of hair care products to help you sort out your hair issues.

Infinigrowth Hair Masque:

Using hair care products containing non-organic chemicals that do more harm than good to your hair is not a good idea. Instead, try out products like Tayloàni Hair Mask, which combines organic ingredients, natural oil and protein. It repairs external damage and provides nutritional benefits to your scalp. 

The Infinigrowth hair mask can be your best pick to apply on your scalp. Your hair follicles absorb the beneficial ingredients of this hair mask and strengthen roots to prevent unnecessary breakage. Additionally, ingredients like jojoba oil, biotin, cocoa butter, Jamaican black seed castor oil, minerals, and vitamins have long-term nourishment effects on your scalp.


Hair Growth Bundle:

Now, you don't have to buy the Infinigrowth products separately. Tayloàni has launched the Infinigrowth Bundle that includes Tayloàni shampoo, hair mask, hair Detangler, and a thermal cap. Regularly using these products together can significantly change your hair texture while reducing hair fall to a certain level within a short period of time. So, it would be best to visit the website and read more about the all-in-one bundle at an amazing discount.


Infinigrowth Hair Shampoo:

Food-induced high sebum levels in hair roots and scalp continuously weaken the roots while working like a slow poison for our hair follicles. Washing your hair with Sulfates and parabens-free Tayloàni Hair Shampoo can clean all the excess sebum from your scalp.

It's free from harmful chemicals and has special nutrients and natural oil to improve hair by deep cleaning roots. It prevents damage to your scalp's proactive layer and maintains the pH of your scalp to avoid unnecessary hair loss. 

Investing in infinigrowth products restores the essential nutrients of your hair while maintaining its shine and silk. It is the best solution to give your hair all the necessary hair nutrients.

Hair Detangler:

Most people complain that combing their hair cause them in a lot of hair fall. Excessive hair loss when using a detangler is not always because of some deficiency or other problem. It's also associated with the usage of low-quality detanglers. Therefore, you should never risk your hair using a regular comb or brush.

To solve this problem, Tayloàni features Infinigrowth Hair Detangler. Its soft bristles detangle all knots without breaking your hair.

Additionally, it evenly distributes the natural oils from the scalp to the tip of your roots to nourish your hair. So invest in infinigrowth hair Detangler to avoid food-induced hair loss. Adding this tool to your hair vanity will turn your hair brushing hair fall free.

Final Words:

Your food significantly influences your hair's health, and you may also experience hair damage if it is unhealthy. For instance, consuming an excessive amount of simple carbs or mercury-rich seafood may raise this risk. The question arises, how can hair fall be controlled, then?

Understanding food products and conscious eating aid in reducing hair fall. Foods rich in micronutrients, such as vitamins B and C, can help improve your hair's health and reduce hair loss.

Therefore, sticking to a healthy diet and checking the ingredient list of food you consume will be a beneficial idea. You can take a balanced diet with green vegetables, fruits, vitamins, proteins and good fat to improve your health and promote hair growth. On the other hand, utilizing organic hair products and avoiding hair-damaging chemicals will help lower the chance of hair loss.

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