How To Care for Your Hair In the 50s

How To Care for Your Hair In the 50s?

As you enter your 50s, it's completely normal to experience changes in your hair- in terms of volume loss and textural and color changes. It can be hard to see your hair losing all its former glory, and you might have given up completely on looking after them.

But we are glad to tell you that you can restore and repair those pretty locks and make them look as healthy as ever. Today, we are here to walk you through all the tips you can follow to care for your hair in your 50s. Let’s find out!


Hair Growth After 50

How To Maintain Hair Growth After 50?

Once you hit the 50's age bracket, you will likely see obvious signs of aging (your hair being one of the targets). Hair is naturally prone to change color and texture with time. You might also witness hair thinning and hair strands shedding while combing your luscious locks.

It may sound like the worst nightmare came true, but aging is a natural process. We all have to go through it, and luckily enough, there are so many tips and tricks that can help you maintain your hair growth even after age 50.

A few lifestyle changes, keeping a healthy hair care routine and investing in the right products would do wonders for those gorgeous locks. And even better, you might successfully reverse the damage and keep shining in your fabulous 50s.

Wondering how and where to start? We've compiled some helpful suggestions which will instantly improve your hair's current state. Let's jump right into them!

Stay Hydrated:

The healthy growth of hair is directly dependent on your overall health. Additionally, your body requires plenty of water to function normally because cells largely consist of water. If your cells lack hydration, it will lead to all sorts of bodily imbalances, also affecting the health of your hair and skin.

Thus, one of the simplest yet beneficial steps you can start practicing today to maintain hair growth is staying hydrated by drinking enough water daily. (Good thing is your skin will also glow and radiate)

On average, six to eight glasses daily is a minimal target for keeping the body hydrated. Similarly, in a temperate zone, a woman is required to drink 11.5 cups of fluids on a daily basis, and we cannot emphasize its importance enough.

Maintain A Good Sleep Cycle:

The positive effects of having a sound sleep cycle are endless, especially concerning your hair health. It is for this reason that while you peacefully doze off, much of the rejuvenation and cellular repair occurs during these hours.

So, start today, set a specific time for climbing into bed each night and reduce your phone or another device usage before you intend to sleep. These small changes will bring significant changes in your hair and skin condition (and you'll surely be the happiest person on earth then)

sleep cycle

Take Care Of Your Diet:

Age or genetics might not be in your control. Still, you can blow life back into your hair locks by eating a balanced diet abundant in essential nutrients. As the building block of hair are proteins, food rich in it, such as red meat, eggs, berries and green leafy vegetables, are all a great addition to your diet.

Besides proteins, your hair and skin also need certain vitamins and minerals to remain healthy and strengthened. And, with aging, as your meal portions get disturbed, it might cause nutritional deficiencies. So, you might have to consume vitamins and supplements to balance the deficiency.


Take Care Of Your Diet

Protect Your Scalp’s Natural Oils:

Moving on, an excellent tip to nourish your hair in your 50s, as recommended by most top-rated stylists, is to lock your scalp's naturally produced oils. As we age, we lose most of the natural oils in the hair. If you are someone who over washes their hair, you are highly likely depleting your locks from those god-gifted oils that play a key role in keeping hair healthy and shiny.

In addition, exposure to the sun also significantly causes damage to your hair, especially targeting the hair color. So, the way we protect our skin from harmful rays, our hair also needs protection and to combat this, you can get a heat and UV protection spray.

These simple changes for caring after your aging hair follicles will help your hair's maintenance and growth and also bring out the natural radiance- regardless of your hair type!

Avoid Excessive Hair Washing:

Frequently washing your hair will always do more harm than good- they turn extremely brittle and dry. Frequent use of shampoo is never effective, and it is usually more than enough to thoroughly clean your hair by washing it at least twice a week.

Furthermore, it is also important to use a shampoo that suits your skin type (normal, dry or oily). Check the Tayloáni Infinigrowth Shampoo range to get voluminous locks. Still, dermatologist advises avoiding excessive hair washing even if you have the right hair products.

Quality Hair Care Products

Use Good Quality Hair Care Products:

To care for your hair in the 50s, you must invest in good quality hair products. Often, we do not pay much attention to the type of products we are applying to our hair, which might be the reason for its dull, rough texture and extreme thinning.

You cannot compromise the health of your hair, and thus it would help to take expert advice to determine what kind of shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products will best suit your scalp.

Suppose you don't have access to experts, no worries. In that case, we highly recommend you try Tayloáni hair products, which include Infinigrowth Hair Masque, Hair Bundle, Shampoo and Detangler specially formulated to bring back life to your hair and make them ever strong and luscious.

Be Gentle With Your Styling:

Are you habitual in using heat styling tools such as blow dryers, curling wands and flat irons? If yes, you might be damaging your hair to an extreme degree. Undoubtedly, we all want to look our best by quickly styling our hair; too much use of intense styling tools will squeeze all the beauty from your delicate locks and make them appear straw-like.

So, what to do? Firstly, cut back to using the tools just once or twice a week, plus don't ever skip applying a heat protectant to your hair before styling them. The heat protectant acts as a protective layer and prevents irreversible damage to the hair.

Minimize Stress On Hair:

As you know, hair growth decelerates and slows down with age, so you have to be a little more careful handling your hair- you don't want to break or stress those tresses.

Here are a few helpful tips to minimize stress on hair:

  • Replace any hair tools which have worn out or could be potentially causing stress on your locks (for instance, a teasing comb with missing or broken teeth)
  • Change your brush with a good quality, gentler one (we aren't taking any more risks)
  • Switch to natural drying than depending solely on blow dryers, as they are damaging to the hair.
  • Avoid detangling your hair strands when they are still wet because they could break easily (wait until dry)
  • Increase blood flow and channel more nutrients to your hair follicles by gently massaging your scalp.
  • A big no-no to overuse of heat styling tools

Consult With Doctor If Needed:

If you have already tried different tips and hair care changes, and if your hair is falling rapidly, the situation might be much more complicated. While hair changes are bound to happen as your age progresses, sometimes it might be a symptom indicating another underlying health condition.

A few of such symptoms that can be alarming include:

  • Unusual patchy hair loss
  • Extreme hair falls when washing or combing hair normally.
  • A receding hairline (especially in the case of women)

Consulting with your doctor will help clarify if these signs are due to alopecia areata, a common hair loss disease. If yes, you would then have to take proper medications for it to curb the symptoms.

Embrace Your Gorgeous 50s:

Aging is an inseparable part of life, and once you enter your 50s, we want you to shine brightly and confidently embrace what you truly are. And what's better than walking gracefully with your hair looking it's finest and healthiest?

Though many factors can be the reason behind hair loss, such as genetics, menopause, nutritional deficiencies and poor hair care routine, you can get these locks back to their glorious state by bringing all the right changes.

Thankfully, it becomes easier to achieve with Tayloáni Hair Products that can revive, rejuvenate and repair your hair and make them oh-so-stunning!

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